Live Through It…

So, the past few weeks have been full of emotions for me. Some days were filled with love pains– because I really wanted to have my husband home. Some days were marked by frustration, because there is so much to be done- and seemingly not enough time or energy to accomplish them all.  And of course in the midst of balancing my own emotions, there is also my marriage, motherhood and work responsibilities that all have to be tended to daily in order to prevent a system shutdown!  (Can anyone relate, or is this just me?)

On one really rough day, I was driving home from work and a song came on the radio that truly encouraged me as the lyrics said over and again “live through it.” (The song is titled Live Through It by James Fortune.)

But it was after the song went off, and I thought about what it really means to be “living” that I gained some new strength.

The word living means: to continue to have life; to remain in existence or to be alive.

The word alive means:  not dead; not yet defeated; still having a chance to win.


I realized that “living through it” means in spite of my pains, frustrations, and weariness…I MUST CONTINUE TO HAVE LIFE.

I realized that while I am entitled to have moments that I can’t do anything other than be still until the pain passes; I must remember that MY SITUATION IS NOT DEAD…AND WE STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN.

I realized that even though I have days where I cry and my vision gets cloudy…I must daily refocus my hope keep LIVING THROUGH IT.

Today, I hope that you are reminded that you still have life in your situation. And even on the days that you feel discouraged…you are not defeated!  Keep LIVING and focus on the life that is yet ahead of you! 

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