Rebuilding with the Ruins…

If you have never failed miserably or been completely disappointed with how a situation turned out….just keep living!

On the other hand, if you have experienced the bitter blow of hurt, failure, disappointment or shattered dreams- then you probably know like I know- that it is painful when you have to stand face to face with your ruins.

Ruins are what is left after a structure has been torn down or torn apart.
They are the torn apart pieces of what was once complete; the fragments that are left over once the “whole” has fallen into a state that is beyond repair.

That “whole” could be your family, finances, health, relationships, dream or goals in life that started out one way; but somehow has ended up weathered, torn….or ruined.
So, now what? What do you do?

Well I have learned (and am yet learning) that I have a choice to build again! And the beautiful irony is that I can rebuild….so that it is better!

I have learned (and am yet learning) that the ruins are now at my disposal to become better.

You see, the ruins are a not only a painful reminder of what was, but if I look at them; study them and learn from them…they are also a forecast of what can be.
If I didn’t succeed the first time, and the dream was shattered…. I must consider why didn’t I succeed? What could I have done differently?

Then I must study it…..learn from it….and use that new knowledge to build again.
Is it easy? Absolutely not! But the alternative is standing in the midst of my ruins and remaining stuck there.

As I examine my life today, I realize that I am standing in front of a wall that is truly being rebuilt- one fragmented piece at a time.
Four years ago, devastation hit my household and it shook many things in my world to the core.
Today, the foundation of that same household has been re-established and it is stronger than it was before.

Many of the hopes, plans and dreams that I had didn’t play out exactly like I thought they would. But today, I have new hope, visions and aspirations that I had never even considered. And one day at a time, I see them coming to pass. In fact, today my husband and I stand at the door of publishing our first novel…in spite of our circumstance!

I truly have been carefully examining my ruins. I understand some of them, and many of them I don’t. But I am determined to use every one of them to rebuild!

I pray that you are encouraged today that no matter how messed up your circumstance may be, know that it is not beyond repair. Keep believing and keep building!

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