Love Tested… Nakedness

Nakedness is one of the first real tests of REAL love. Once two infatuated people move closer towards a complete union; they get naked and learn one another. You can tell a lot about a person based on how they treat you when you are “naked.”

Throughout the process of incarceration, the soul begins to shed it’s coverings. It becomes bare and exposed. Its insecurities, weaknesses, scars and unattractive spots are clear to see.

The same is true of being the loved one of an incarcerated person. Your fears, vulnerabilities to the perceptions of others and the true measure of your strengths and weaknesses become evident as this journey unfolds.

You can also tell a great deal about the depth and strength of your love relationship based upon how you both respond to nakedness. A friend once taught me that “it is never wise to get naked in front of someone who won’t get naked in front of you.” How willing are you to truly undress in front of your loved one; to reveal your ugliest spots and to see theirs? How do you love your loved one when they are soulfully butt naked before you?

**This entry was co-written by the C.W. Fleming**

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