Inmate Lives Matter…


inmatepicIn a time where tensions are high on every end, the truth is ALL LIVES MATTER. 

But when the racial tensions die down, the presidential campaign season is over, temporary solutions have been put into action, and turbulent times have ceased- the message will still remain that INMATE LIVES MATTER!

With more than 2 million people incarcerated in American prisons, there are a lot of individuals, children, families and communities affected by mass incarceration. So much so that the subject has become one that is being talked about by individuals everywhere. Actors, singers, rappers, politicians and families directly impacted are talking about mass incarceration because in one way or another it touches us all.

Those individuals who are inmates today were once (and hopefully will be again) citizens of our communities. Those men and women who have become identified by inmate numbers, are still sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and many times parents. And while they are paying the debt they owe to society for their crimes, or in some cases waited to be exonerated of charges they didn’t commit- the quality of their life matters.

Those inmates who have loved ones or friends to visit them and help keep them connected to life outside of the prison walls are fortunate and are more likely to return to society as viable citizens. But what about those who don’t have anyone? How will they return? Does anyone care?

Jesus Christ in the Criminal Justice System,  is our new book and in it we argue that Jesus cared about these inmates. In fact, we take a journey through Jesus’ personal account with and in the criminal justice system.


You see, for those of us who have inmates who matter to our lives- this is only a testament to what we daily live. But for others, Jesus Christ in the Criminal Justice System will be a wake up call and summons to action as they too will come to know that Inmate Lives Matter. 

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