Love Pains

Have you ever noticed that the littlest things can cause us to feel some of the biggest pains? Paper cuts, in-grown toenails; tiny lashes in the eye….. ouch, ouch, ouch!

Well on many days and for many different reasons, such is the case as we walk alongside our loved ones in prison. It is often the littlest things that hit my heart in the deepest way. Beautiful days that would be perfect for a walk in the park; love songs that play in perfect sequence on the radio or moments of victory that just don’t seen the same when you share them over the phone… once again…ouch, ouch, ouch!

Now even though we may be tempted to utter a few “not so nice words” I doubt that any of us would fall out in a tantrum or go off the deep end at the hand of one of the tiny natural pains. Somehow, we are built in such a way that we are able to take the pain and to live beyond it.

And such is the case as we battle with the “love pains” that are a part of this walk. They are just as real and just as intense as a razor cut across the finger. But you are equally built up with an internal reservoir of strength that allows you to live through the love pain.

Sometimes, there is not much to do other than breathe deep; sigh out loud or just hold still until the pain passes. Some days are better than others; and some moments last longer than others. But know that you equipped to endure and that you will make it through!